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Summer Adventures in Telluride!

We offer Summer adventures in rock climbing, Via Ferrata, mountaineering, hiking, backpacking, and camping. Or, join us for our fabulous kid’s camps, inspiring women’s specific adventures, challenging men’s trip adventures and cutting-edge mountain summiting. With the guidance of expert instructors and naturalists, participants in our programs gain an appreciation for the rich natural and cultural history of Telluride’s majestic San Juan Mountains. Tha San Juan Outdoor School provides the industry’s highest quality instruction in a supportive learning environment and creates a naturing and comfortable outdoor experience for people of all ages and abilities.

Rock Climbing Adventure

Our rock climbing trips are the San Juan Outdoor School’s signature experience. Designed for all ages and abilities from 4 year-olds to seasoned mountaineers, our Telluride rock climbing adventures give you the chance to try out your spider skills on real alpine rock. Even if you’ve never entertained the idea of getting vertical, consider this we offer comfortable first-time climbing experiences for even our most timid guests.

Mountaineering Summer Adventure

VIA-ups to technical snow/couloir/rock climbs. Summit our local peaks. Your summit photo will look great on your wall and be a fabulous reminder of your Telluride Adventure!

via_ferratta-2VIA FERRATA

A via ferrata (Italian for “road of iron”) or klettersteig (German for “climbing path”) is a mountain route which is equipped with fixed cables, stemples, ladders, and or bridges.  The Telluride’s Via Ferrata is a thrilling technical hike along the east end of the Telluride canyon, offering spectacular views of Bridal Veil Falls and the Telluride Valley.

Hiking in Telluride in Summer

Hiking around Telluride’s beautiful San Juan Mountains is the quintessential wilderness adventure. You’ll walk through exquisite high alpine basins blanketed in wildflowers a midst high summits and crystal clear streams. We design an outing that suits your needs, from gentle walks to power hikes. Our expert naturalist guides will teach you about the natural and cultural history of the Telluride area while providing you with a fun and comfortable mountain adventure.

Backpacking and Camping Adventure in Telluride in Summer

Let us show you how wonderful Telluride’s wilderness can be in the Summer! An overnight or multi-day camping or backpacking trip allows you to get further into Telluride’s luscious summer wilderness and sleep amidst towering peaks, high alpine lakes and trickling streams. Your guides will provide you with gourmet backcountry fare and you will have the chance to be a part of the outdoors from sunrise to sunset.