• Snowshoeing in the backcountry Telluride Colorado


  • Ice Climber in Telluride Colorado



We offer Winter adventures in ice climbing, backcountry skiing, winter hut touring and snowshoeing. Or, join us for our cutting-edge courses in avalanche education at the San Juan Outdoor School. With the guidance of expert instructors and naturalists, participants in our programs gain an appreciation for the rich natural and cultural history of Telluride’s majestic San Juan Mountains. The San Juan Outdoor School provides the industry’s highest quality instruction in a supportive learning environment and creates a nurturing and comfortable outdoor experience for people of all ages and abilities.

Backcountry Skiing for Winter Adventures in Telluride Colorado
Avalanche School training for your Winter Adventures
Snowshoe Tours for Telluride Winter Adventure
Winter Hut Trips in the San Juans Winter Adventure
Ice Climbing in Telluride Winter Adventure